Beefy WordPress Security (Wordcamp 2012 Presentation)

WordPress is deceptively simple to get up and running but keeping it up and running isn’t always easy. It’s deceptive to think that once you’ve paid a designer or a developer or a friend to set up your WordPress site that’s the end of the technical help you’ll need. After all, there’s a button to press to update your WordPress components and your blog is, perhaps, too small to be the target of hacking. You can’t set up a WordPress site then walk away thinking it will stay secure forever without further maintenance and effort! There are threats to your blog you should be aware of and more importantly you should know how to defend your blog from these threats.

Originally presented at Wordcamp 2012 in Edmonton, “Beefy WordPress  Security” was created and delivered by Tammy from Top Draw and describes potential threats to WordPress installations and what to do about it.

Download the Wordcamp 2012 Presentation by Tammy

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