Back to School: The Lessons Never Stop

Here we go again, saying goodbye to our siblings and children as they venture off to the new school year. Whether entering grade two or final year of their degree program, students of all ages are preparing themselves for a brighter future. For some, school is an exciting experience. For others, they can’t wait to be done! The truth is, at some point or another, we leave the physical limits of school, but we never stop learning.

Lessons Learned

After entering the workforce, the first thing I learnt was that I have A LOT of learning to do. See? It didn’t take me long to have my first lesson outside of school. Realistically, we all want to learn so we can continue to grow as individuals. For example, at Top Draw we constantly research and learn about the newest technologies, tools and practices. This isn’t a form of formal schooling, but we need to continue to learn in order to maintain and expand our expertise.

School never really ends for any of us. Yes, we survive high school, get accepted into university and graduate from post secondary, but then we begin an adventure called life and life has many lessons. Good luck to the students of 2013-2014 and those in the workforce who will likely learn something new every day!

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