A New Mobile Site for ATB Investor Services

When we first met with ATB Investor Services to discuss the creation of a new online marketing platform, one of the project requirements was maximizing user experience on a mobile device.

At Top Draw, mobile friendly doesn’t simply mean that all components are visible on a smaller scale. We were one of the first web design companies in Alberta to invest the time and resources into researching and developing a “responsive” framework that allows for optimum viewing and usability on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. We are proud to showcase invest.atb.com as one of our feature mobile-friendly sites.

Compare the images above. In order to give viewers the best possible experience, regardless of screen size or device, this responsive website features the following:

  • The layout physically alters and shifts to accommodate the viewing width
  • Images resize to the screen resolution (fonts remain large and readable)
  • Page elements are simplified and relevant (non-essential components are hidden on a mobile device)
  • Buttons and links are big and accessible
  • Click-to-call dialing quickly puts you in touch with ATB’s Advice Centre
  • And behind the scenes, programming detects geolocation and device orientation

We invite you to wander through the website to experience the responsive difference. The site also offers tools, calculators and great information that will help you assess your retirement journey. Whether you view it at home, at work or on the go, invest.atb.com is a dynamic and useful resource for Albertans who are interested in planning for the future.

Responsive Design has become the standard at Top Draw

We admit, the coding and testing processes are rather complex and time-consuming with responsive design, but the resulting format features relevant information at the appropriate display size. No zooming in and out, no panning, no horizontal scrolling, no stretched content. Responsive design, also referred to as adaptive design, has become the standard at Top Draw.

How to analyze the mobile experience of your website

Google offers a fun tool you can use to analyze how mobile-friendly your website is, at www.howtogomo.com. When we tested invest.atb.com, it scored 4 out of 4 on the mobile-friendliness scale. While this certainly isn’t the standard by which we measure success at Top Draw, it does offer some relevant points and interesting tips you may want to consider for your website.


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