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Maximizing Online ROI: Three Technical SEO Tips

Having worked in the realm of SEO for a few years now, I find myself able to work smarter instead of harder with the understanding that working smarter is what can mean the difference between good & great results. A key thing I’ve had to let go of over the years is fixing everything that’s […]

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iMedia 2015 Presentations

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 3 breakout sessions at iMedia 2015 in Edmonton. Here are the slide decks presented: “I Love AdWords & So Should You!” presented by Ameet Khabra “Content Hacking” presented by Idris Fashan “You Launched Your Website, Now What?” presented by Adriel Michaud

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These Designs Are Not The Solutions You Are Looking For

We’ve all witnessed a design contest, if not actively participated in one. Remember being asked to draw up a logo for your hockey team or debate club? You and your friends would submit ideas, a winner would be chosen, and someone would get to see their logo on the back of your club shirts. It may have just been a “fun” casual thing, but that was a design contest!

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Fostering Entrepreneurship in Students

Being the only organization that teaches entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness to students, Junior Achievement maximizes student potential by exposing them to real life business leaders that teach and prepare them for success in the global economy. In 2014, Junior Achievement impacted the lives of 27,000 students. View the new 2015 JA infographic to see the full impact made last year.

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We’ve Launched Our New Website!

We’re proud to announce the launch of the redeveloped Top Draw website. That means we’ve completely overhauled our site with new design, fresh content and add-ons developed to get you closer and more connected to our entire team.

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iMedia 2015

Top Draw is returning to iMedia this year in force! Ameet, Idris, and Adriel will all be presenting at the conference, which takes place March 13-14 at the Robbins Health Learning Centre in MacEwan University.

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We Hosted a Google Partner Connect Event

We’re super proud of our PPC expert, Ameet, for setting up and hosting a successful Google Partner’s event at Top Draw headquarters yesterday morning! Almost 20 information hungry people came out to watch a webinar about all the cool things that Google can do to help them make their business a success. They learned about keywords, ad targeting, online competition and so much more.

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Three Online Call Tracking Options For Lead Generation & How To Use Them

Online marketing has a dirty little secret: most websites fail to best track THE most important stat: phone calls generated. As a result, plenty of CEO’s out there think that their websites do very little for them. At Top Draw, we’ve found that website-generated calls are usually responsible for 70-90% of all new lead phone calls for the clients we work with.

So what can we do to set this up for success?

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