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When is it time to redesign?

Keller Construction Ltd. launches its new website to inspire potential clients to imagine the possibilities. After a complete redesign and content strategy overhaul, Keller Construction’s website is aligned with its business goals of today.

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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Nerds

Do you have a nerd on your Christmas shopping list? Then you’ll want to start your online shopping now because the best nerd stuff needs time to ship to Canada! Solar Puff Photo from Solight Design, Inc. I backed a Kickstarter for these ingenious little light sources and I was 1000% satisfied with the end […]

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What You Should Do Before A Livestream On Blab

As newbies to the platform, there are a few things we’re thrilled that we did ahead of time and a couple other things we wish we had. Since broadcasting and taking some time to reflect on the whole event, we came away with a few tips for new Blab users and hosts. We hope you find our lessons helpful for preparing your own Blab session.

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Video: SEO Your Online Resume

How to Optimize Your Profile & Resume Online with SEO Have you ever searched your name online to see how you rank? How about on job sites like Linkedin? How well do you rank for your job position if a recruiter searches in your area? Are you showing up at the top of the results, […]

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Blab Live with Top Draw & Phil Wilson

Our conversation with Phil will give an inside look at how he builds his marketing efforts, including the successes (and failures) he has experienced along the way. We’ll also get the deets on how he utilizes social media to market his website, the tools he uses for tracking ROI and so much more.

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Horrific Web Developer/Designer Tell-All

There are many terrifying tales of the nightmares web developers and designers have suffered during their quest to reach project greatness. No one, I mean no one, has lived to tell of worse horrors than our Senior Web Developer, Tammy. Hear her story, witness her raw distress.

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