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What Google Certified Link Building Might Look Like

As a link builder, it has always pained me a little to see Google lavish such love and appreciation upon PPC (pay-per-click) service providers. Imagine if, as a link builder, you had a document from Google that certified that you ‘know your stuff’ when it comes to getting links. Awesome, right?! Now imagine how helpful […]

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Danatec Website Wins Hermes Platinum Creative Award 2015

It’s always fantastic to hear positive feedback from a client after their website leaves the Top Draw nest and launches into the Internet universe. It’s especially fantastic to learn that said website earns winning attention and is awarded for looking so dang good. That’s exactly what happened with Danatec.

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We Bought Our Building (and then gutted it)!

‘Tis the season in Edmonton: Cranes throughout the downtown skyline, road workers filling potholes, and detours abound. Welcome to Construction Season! We’ve managed to put our own little stamp on construction season this year, without blocking off any of the roadway. Yes, Top Draw is not only owners of online marketing, we are owners of a little more brick, mortar and dust.

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Google’s Mobile Friendly Update is Upon Us!

For a long time, Google has given plenty of warnings that mobile integration was coming, and that companies should make sure that their websites should approach site design and layout with a “mobile first / mobile friendly” approach. So what does this incredibly important update mean to you and your website? Read on!

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Maximizing Online ROI: Three Technical SEO Tips

Having worked in the realm of SEO for a few years now, I find myself able to work smarter instead of harder with the understanding that working smarter is what can mean the difference between good & great results. A key thing I’ve had to let go of over the years is fixing everything that’s […]

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