Steven Gardenits


Sales & Marketing Director


  • Business Administration Diploma, Marketing – Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
  • Google Digital Sales Certification

With a warm and collaborative mindset, Steven brings a brilliant ability to uncover opportunities.

Steven discovered his knack for business development in the professional staffing industry, where he won awards for his commitment to finding top talent. Holding his NAIT Business Administration diploma and Google Digital Sales Certification, he expertly connects the dots between marketing strategies, timelines, and relationships.

From local businesses to national corporations, Steven has worked with brands across a variety of industries. No matter the project, he can bounce back from any change in course, kicking his dynamic problem-solving abilities into high gear.

The only thing that rivals Steven’s marketing knowhow? His love for sampling new Edmonton eateries. He’ll gladly line up at his favourite spots for a mean brunch and a side of beer.

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