Daniel van Veelen

Account Manager


  • Bachelor of Business Admin, Marketing

With 6 years of experience collaborating with global consumer-facing brands, Dan a proud alumnus of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), brings a wide breadth of digital marketing and account management experience.

Throughout his career, Dan has worked with renowned brands such as Mercedes, Red Bull, and various startups, always emphasizing practicality and strategy in his marketing approach. His transition to account management was backed by a solid understanding of the technical and implementation aspects of digital marketing. Dan is always excited to delve into technical discussions and explore innovative forms of marketing.

Outside of the corporate realm, you’ll find Dan either flying down the side of a mountain on his mountain bike, wood working, or scoring films and indie video game titles. Wherever Dan can find a crossover to take inspiration from creative means to generate clever business approaches, he will. 

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