Beatrice (B) Timmons

Production Director


  • Google Ads, Digital Sales, & Analytics Certifications
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification

Beatrice brings a deep love for learning and gaining new experiences, which has taken them far in their career.

Holding a decade of expertise at agencies and auto dealerships, B has excelled in a variety of lead generation, pay-per-click, and account management roles. As our Production Director, they keep our digital marketing and web development teams organized, motivated, and working toward our clients’ goals.

B finds inspiration among the talented team members that surround them. Working with other passionate people fuels their enthusiasm. This is why B stays so tapped into the digital marketing world and its constant changes.

B’s desire to keep growing extends outside of work, too. Getting out in nature keeps their soul nourished⁠—you’ll find them hiking and camping any chance they can. B also cherishes spending time with their family and their adorable pup.

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