Laski Chung

Digital Marketing Specialist

“You’ve never actually stood there and looked up at the beautiful ceiling.” – Good Will Hunting.

Typical millennial with thumbs that have traveled longer miles than most Fitbits will ever record. Commitment issues gave him a taste of the unquantifiable aspects of sales and advertising. Maturity has him married to a world of digital influences that moulds society. Curiosity hasn’t quite killed the cat yet which has been the driving force for more out of everything; life, work and travel. Quite literally, considering he’s broken his neck traveling and has approximately 6 concussions.

Certifications – Adwords Certified, Mobile Site Certified, Analytics Certified

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Is Google Wasting Your Digital Advertising Budget?

Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your digital advertising budget? Well you likely are and nobody – definitely not Google – will tell you. The perpetrators? Kids! It is a very common scenario in today’s digital society: busy and tired parents offering their children “screen time” for a moment of peace, however short lived. […]

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A Long Term Relationship With Top Draw

It’s inevitable to have commitment issues with a third party vendor like an agency. It’s a lot to worry about; keeping up with trends, best practices, rapid and unannounced changes, interpreting mountains of data… Digital advertising can be a very daunting task. The upside to this is having us on your side! We help you […]

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