Web Design & Development

When it comes to web design and web development services, our approach is unique in the industry.

Web Design & Development

Web design and development done right gives you a powerful online marketing tool. More than eye-catching design, a successful website should be the product of well-planned and executed content strategy, information architecture, usability, technical programming and search marketing principles. At Top Draw, our marketing expertise, along with our results-driven approach, means we understand how to best capitalize on your online advertising efforts and how to measure and attribute sales, leads and goals.

Mobile & Responsive Web Design

Responsive design has become the standard at Top Draw. This means that we build all of our websites using flexible grids and layouts so that the site adjusts to the user’s screen. No more zooming in and out or scrolling from side to side. Responsive design optimizes a website for the best possible user experience, whether viewing it on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Content Management & WordPress

A website is not a static brochure. It is a dynamic sales tool that should evolve as your company grows. Building websites within WordPress, a content management system, puts the power of content creation and management in the palm of your hands. It also offers benefits such as custom access and the ability to create permission levels for various authors, while still allowing us to do back end customization to suit your specific needs.

Beyond the website, we’ll also guide your through creating you own policies for content governance, editorial calendaring and corporate voice.

Content Strategy

Every project at Top Draw is supported and guided by a comprehensive content strategy. We research and analyze your current website and your industry. We identify your target audience(s) and then put ourselves in their shoes. Through this process, we develop the site architecture, special features, calls to action, lead generation forms and more.

Quality control and effective messaging is achieved by ensuring every detail of content considerations have been incorporated into the design and functionality of your new website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the combined science and art of improving a website’s performance. We look at analytics to tell us what’s working and what’s not, then modify design or content in an effort to convert visitors into customers. By defining and monitoring your website goals, we can recommend marketing messages and usability strategies that encourage desired actions. Our SEO expertise also allows us to provide rich insights into your traffic and marketing effectiveness.

What makes us unique in the industry is our combination of expertise and broad-based technical knowledge that allows us to continually monitor and improve your site’s performance.

Web Hosting

Our experienced development team will review your hosting needs and make recommendations about the numerous web hosting services available to ensure your website performs the way it was built to perform. We may have a few technical questions that you can’t answer, but don’t worry, we’ll help it all make sense.