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Discover exactly how your customers search for what you offer, and be there when they do.

Edmonton’s SEO Company Since 2002

Quality search engine optimization generates qualified leads for your business and allows you to measure marketing ROI better than any other available means.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Top Draw (also known as Epiar, back when we were two sister companies) has been serving local, national, and international clients with our advanced SEO offering and generating tangible results since 2002.

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Monthly & Project-Based SEO

We provide both project-based and month-to-month consultation services based on your needs, goals, and budget.

Since the opportunities to grow your business online are endless, many of our single project clients turn into monthly consultation clients once they start to see the true impact that online marketing and SEO can have. This allows us to continue to monitor, analyze, and build authority to their websites, helping them take an even bigger slice of the pie.

Keyword Research

All good search engine marketing starts with thorough keyword research.

One of the major reasons Top Draw has prevailed over the years is thanks to our proprietary, second-to-none, keyword research software. This allows us to take a look at all the phrases people type into search engines that relate to your business or product, and make meaningful lists of highly searched terms that offer the best opportunity to target on your website – based on relevance, competitiveness, intent and search volume.

Basically, we take the guesswork and presumption out of finding exactly what your customers search for and help your site show up when they do.

On-page Optimization

Once you know the specific terms that would be most valuable to rank on, we can then tailor your web pages to target them, and apply all the technicalities that search engines look for when they crawl your page.

We’ll optimize your site’s architecture, title tags, meta descriptions, headings, body text, footer structure, URL structure, internal linking, sitemaps, crawler instructions, redirections, and much more to give your pages the best chance to establish relevance for their target concept.

That said, we take user experience very seriously, and we won’t do any optimization at the expense of good usability. We don’t make spammy, over-optimized websites that exist for the sole purpose of ranking. We make websites that convert.

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