Authority Building

Authority is the currency of the web. Let's work together and earn you some (or earn you some more)!

What is Authority?

Authority on the web is what separates the sites that come up in search results from the sites that don’t. Authority can come in many shapes: authoritative sites linking to your content, social media shares/likes, local citations, influential people talking about you, and so on.

Top Draw is committed to staying on top of the most honest and effective ways to build authority for websites. We work together with our clients to build authority in the most meaningful way for their business.

Link Building

The term “link building” has earned itself some infamy over the past few years, with search engines cracking down on abusive websites that want to game the system. Inbound links can still be very powerful, but don’ t expect Top Draw to build you 1,000 spammy links per week.

We manually campaign relevant, authoritative sites, make content recommendations, find guest blogging opportunities, and employ many other methods of good, clean, honest link building.

Local SEO & Citation Building

If your business serves customers in a given city (or cities) in which you are physically located, you can benefit immensely from some thorough local optimization and citation building. For example, with properly structured pages on your site, and some well-optimized locally relevant listings, your site can be included in Google’s coveted “map pack” listings, which show up atop the results page for many local searches.

Content Marketing

By the time you’veĀ built a well-optimized site and you’ve starting building authority to it, you’re probably already hooked on online marketing. “Where can I get some more of this ROI?,” you might ask. There are several options, but a common and effective one is to start building fresh content, often in the form of a blog.

Top Draw can help with content ideas, terms to target, infographic design, outreach, copywriting, and much more!

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