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Posted By: on November 30th, 2012
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Presented by Adriel Michaud

What is the lifetime value of your blog posts? Does it seem like your old posts just wither and die, and you constantly need to feed your website with content to keep up the flow of visitors? Would you like to know which topics have an active audience that you could tap into? Adriel Michaud of Top Draw will provide tips and easily implemented strategies to help you attract more visitors and iron out roller-coaster type traffic.

Links from the presentation:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

Google Authorship:

Optimal Google+ Headshots:

My Topical Google Analytics Dashboard:

Other Schemas to try:

Jay Runham’s Edmontonians Circle on Google+


Presented at Social Media Breakfast Edmonton

How to promote your posts from topdraw

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Adriel Michaud
@adrielmichaud+Adriel Michaud As Partner and Director of SEO at Top Draw, Adriel Michaud is committed to maximizing ROI for his clients. He helps companies understand how effective internet marketing can drive their business forward and set them apart from the competition. His fact-based approach to web analysis, along with his extensive industry experience, translates into business process improvement and online success. Adriel holds current certificates in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Adriel has traveled extensively as a consultant and presenter on such topics as lead generation, search engine marketing and sales.

  • Craig Slater

    This is awesome Adriel! I just got out of a meeting about how we were going to tackle this exact problem. Thanks for posting!

    • Adriel Michaud

      Glad you found it helpful Craig. The video recording of the presentation should be up this week and there were a lot of points in there that aren’t necessarily in the presentation.