Alberta Searches 2012

Posted By: on October 30th, 2012
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What are Albertans searching for online?

This infographic offers some perspective on what folks in Alberta are typing into Google. Each phrase in a chart is represented relative to the other phrases in that chart. Enjoy! Share!

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  • CategoryCode

    Great work guys! This clearly shows how competitive the Alberta Real Estate Market is!

    • Nick Pierno

      Thanks!! Glad you can distil some insight from it :)

  • Nick Pierno

    Big kudos to our awesome designer @wendyyeung for making this all look so dang pretty!

  • Derp

    “E” is missing in the legend on the home furnishing bar graph.

    • Nick Pierno

      Sunnova! Nice catch Mr. Derp :)

  • Perry Brooks

    This is great information! Thanks for sharing.

  • D

    someone must be omitting porn from this infographic!