PTI Website Wins Award

Posted By: on April 14th, 2014
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At Top Draw, we’re all about Creative Solutions, Measured Results. In fact, we may be overheard in sales and kickoff meetings stating that we are way more concerned about bottom line ROI than winning design awards. Not to say that we aren’t thrilled when the work of our talented designers catches the critical eye of a distinguished judging panel…

Tara Van Horn of PTI Group recently shared her excitement with us when she found out that their website, which we launched last year, won an award at an international competition! The site took first place in the Marketing Pieces – Website category at the Modular Building Institute’s 2014 Awards of Distinction. Check out the winning submission.

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Upload YEG: Episode 1 – Welcome to Digital Edmonton

Posted By: on March 18th, 2014
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Upload YEG Logo. (Hi-Res)
#UploadYEG is a podcast recorded at Top Draw, and will be a series of panel discussions exploring emerging trends, case studies, industry practices, social impacts, opportunities, identifying areas of growth, events, and politics and how digital strategy can play a major role. All while maintaining a focus on providing solutions, for the citizens of #YEG.

It’s meant to be educational, entertaining, but more than anything, we hope it provides some fuel to conversations you are already having: with your friends, colleagues, or even, if you’re anything like me, inside your own head.

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Advertising on Google’s Display Network

Posted By: on March 12th, 2014
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YEG best

If you’ve seen any of Top Draw’s presentations in the last 5 years, you’d have seen a lot of focus on creative solutions, measured results. Those measured results are most evident and clear with direct response marketing, where you market to a client and expect a trackable, immediate response from the client. Direct response marketing offers easily trackable ROI, and a high volume of low cost leads, sales and customer call-ins. What if you have bigger online marketing needs, and need to market not just on a direct response level, but on a brand level?

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Principles of Agile Development or Learning to Pick Ourselves Up

Posted By: on March 11th, 2014
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Thomas wayne meme


“Why do we fall?” Thomas Wayne once asked his whiny son Bruce. The philanthropic doctor, seeing that his son was too dense to comprehend the lesson he was attempting to impart, eventually answered for him, “So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” Not only was Thomas trying to comfort his son, whom, through his own recklessness had just fallen down a well, Thomas was trying to encourage Bruce to learn from his mistakes, and allow them to make him stronger, wiser and better. The principles of agile development mirror the lesson of the Wayne family. It challenges us to test our assumptions, preconceptions and beliefs, let them be beaten down by the market, and then learn how to pick ourselves up and come back stronger, leaner, faster and better. It is a theory that we at Top Draw are starting to allow to  guide our approach to research, design and development; and, if it’s a good enough to be the guiding principle in Batman’s life, then who are we to question it?

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What does Top Draw look for in a Senior Web Developer?

Posted By: on March 7th, 2014
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Here at Top Draw, we have a fairly large development team for a boutique Web shop, consisting of four senior, one intermediate, and one junior developer. In the past year we’ve doubled our development team and I found the hardest position to fill was that of a senior Web developer. I’ve sat in on a lot of second-level interviews and met a lot of interesting people, but there have been few good fits for what we look for in a senior Web developer.

There is a lot of debate on the Internet and within the industry about what, exactly, makes a Web developer a senior Web developer. ‘Exactly’ is the problem; in my opinion there is nothing exact about the definition.

‘Senior’ implies ‘seniority’, and while years in the industry are a factor for determining if someone is a senior Web developer, it is only one of many factors which I like to summarize as: Experience, Leadership, and Mentoring.

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OMMYEG: 19th February Round-Up

Posted By: on February 22nd, 2014
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After receiving some great feedback both offline, at the Online Marketing Meetup itself, and online on our Meetup page, the team here at Top Draw is pleased to bring you one central source for all things OMMYEG: the Top Draw blog!

Following each event, we’ll be collating the evening’s presentations, links to all websites and software mentioned and any additional topics touched on in one ‘Round-Up’ post which we’ll then link to on the events meetup page for all to access.

For those of you who may be regulars to the Top Draw blog but may not be familiar to this ‘OMMYEG’ we speak of, you can find out more over at SEMPO Canada, What is OMMYEG? or the Online Marketing Meetup page. We’re always looking for guest speakers, so if you’d like to present on anything from your favourite web framework to Nyan Cat get in touch at

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