Our Process

We adhere to a four-phase web design and development process that consistently guarantees success.

Background Research & Requirements

The first phase of our process involves performing market research to gain insight and understanding of existing pain points; marketplace conditions and positioning; target audience and user requirements; as well as to identify critical success factors.

Content Strategy & Planning

This phase concentrates on content development and results in the creation of a strategy for content creation, governance, management and implementation. From copywriting to wireframes, we encourage collaborative content creation as it informs our entire creative and development processes.

Design & Build

In this phase, the web site begins to truly take form. Visual elements are created, brand guidelines implemented, and the build commences. By the end of this phase, a fully functional web site emerges, ready for public consumption.

Performance & Analysis

In this last phase, the web site is measured for performance and compared against a baseline metric (when applicable). Once real life data has been captured, marketing messages, web site usability, and visitor interaction can be optimized on the basis of meeting a common goal.